HtheB.com is back online!
After exactly 5 years to date, I'm happy to announce
that this website is back online again!!!
I haven't done coding whatsoever for such a long time.
But I did had very busy years behind me.
Anyway, I'm glad that I'm back once again!




Beup Live 0.7 Released!
.:Mik:. found out that Microsoft (probably) took down the MSNP9 Protocol.
This means that Beup Live doesn't work anymore, since it uses MSNP9.
Thanks to .:Mik:., I downgraded Beup Live to MSNP8 (which still works) for the people who still wants to use Beup Live.
The only bad side is that there is no avatar support in MSNP8.

- Fixed: You can login again with Beup Live.
(No more "Connection to notification server has died." error)
- Changed from MSNP9 to MSNP8.

Download it at the official Beup Live website:
Have fun chatting!

Thanks to .:Mik:. for his help on this release



Beup Live 0.6 Released!

Fixed: Now you won't get kicked/disconnected after a minute.
Fixed: Should also be more stable now.

Download it at the official Beup Live website:

Have fun chatting!

Special thanks to .:Mik:. for his help on this release!



Today, it's my Birthday!
And now, I'm going to announce:
My music album is released on iTunes and Spotify!

The music style that you can find are: Techno, Dance, Gaming Music, Rap, Hip Hop, Hardcore and more! Go check it out now!

If you have iTunes and like to buy the album or a single:

If you have Spotify and just want to listen to my album:
HtheB on Spotify

If you don't have both of them, you can still listen online to my album at Last.fm!

I hope to get some reactions to my mail:
HtheB [[at]] supercard.fr (change "[[at]]" with "@" )
Have fun with your music!



Ok, I'm back from holidays...
I had a nice holiday and I have to tell you, Turkey is a VERY NICE country! :)

OK, now dont shout at me about Beup Live... I know it sucks to get logged out after a minute.
I hope I'll fix this as soon as possible.

I broke my laptop, but I'll get a new one soon... (Luckyly, my laptop had insurance, so it won't take long to get a new one.)

Oh and on 1 more thing...
Stay tuned on 6 October 2009.... ;)



Hi all,
I didn't had any time to check out the "540 problem" of Beup Live.
I will go on holidays for a month to Samsun (Turkey) on 30-07-2009, so I released a quick Emergency verion of Beup Live.

See the FAQ below first:

*What does the 540 error mean?
-This is sent in response to a query that is invalid. The server will close the connection after sending the error.

*Why did Beup Live 0.4 stopped working?
- I think Microsoft dropped the MSN Protocol 8/9 (MSNP8+9), or they changed something in the protocol.

*Will there be a working Beup Live 0.6?
- I don't know about this yet. I will look at it when I'm back from holidays.

Download Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency release) at the Beup Live website

!!!Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency release) release notes!!!

This version is Working.
But remember, this is only an EMERGENCY VERSION!
This means: It still contains some bugs inside!

You can login to Beup Live now, it won't kick you directly after you login.

The issues in Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) are:
- After 1 minute, you can't change your status and nickname anymore.
- The contact persons in your list will see you as offline after 1 minute.
You can't change this unless you just login to Beup Live again (since MSN is thinking you are not online anymore)
- After 1 minute, you can still chat, but ONLY to the contacts which you are already talking with (as long as the session is alive!)
- You won't see new contacts coming online or going offline. To refresh, just logout and login again.

This version is a quick release so you can still use Beup Live to chat!

Time to say bye now,

Untill next time! :)

Oh by the way, for the ones that are interested where I am going to:



Unfortunately, Beup Live gives you an error after logging in. After a couple seconds, it will logout again.
I will take a look for this problem and will try to solve it as soon as possible.
Microsoft seems to be changing some protocol stuff again...



eBuddyDS Alpha Version Released
Download it at http://www.htheb.com/ebuddy



Beup Live 0.4 Released! Go and get it from:



Beup Live gets a new subsite!
Go check out the teaser for the new version of Beup Live 0.4!



Finally, we hear something from HtheB again!
Yes that's right, I wasn't available for some time because of my study.
I started now with my internship, so now I've got time
to fix all the things (Beup Live) :D
Promise, I will release it as soon as possible...



We all know that my old site was suddenly gone down, this is because Area-DS shut his doors down.
I thank the Area-DS team for their help they gave me. :)
We all know that Beup Live also doesn't work anymore (gives an SSL error while logging in.)
My computer got broken (the mainboard got messed up I think :( ) so I couldn't do anything to get Beup Live back to work
I'm on holiday at the moment, and will return soon back to home.
Ah and the last thing for today: A new project is on his way......... ;)



Just a little teaser of Beup Live ;) click here



Hooray! It's my birthday today :)
I'm 20 years now.... I think I'm really gettin' old ._.



Sorry for the long waiting. I was on vacation (in Turkey) I just got back 2 weeks ago.
I couldn't answer any mails, but I promise to write them all back. :)



Beup Live 0.3e is now Downloadable from my site
Click Here or click on the left navigation menu on Beup.
*Fixed the Clock that was wrong that was on Beup Live 0.3d Fixed
*Fixed the "Blue Lines" bug that was also on Beup Live 0.3d Fixed



Added a Chatbox to my site :)
Having troubles with Beup?
Like to organise a Blubb 3D match?
Or for something else? You can go to my Chatbox! :)
Mabe you can see me over there too ^_^

You can go to the Chatbox on the left navigation menu.


Hi everyone,
As you allready know, I entered the NeoFlash with Beup Live 0.3d

But it seemed to be this version had some boot up problems while it searches for WiFi with some flashcards
(Like the M3 Simply, the R4 and the Max Media Dock).

I fixed this bug now.
Go to the download page of Beup Live 0.3d Fixed



I entered the "NeoFlash Spring Compo 2007" with Beup Live 0.3d.
Beup supports now DLDI and will also work now with new DS Lite's.
However... there is a known bug that this version won't boot on R4DS, M3 Simply and the Max Media Dock.
I'll try to fix this as soon as possible! :)



Blubb 3D is now downloadable from my site. This is a "NeoFlash Spring Compo 2007 " entry from dreamflat.
As for this great project, I made some songs.
I wish you good luck Dreamflat at the compo! :)



I got some mail problems.... I didn't receive any mails between 4 jan. until now.. so... I'm sorry if you mailed me
and didn't get any respond.... Everything works ok now again ^^



MancalaDS 2.1 is now downloadable from the left navigation menu.
Playing a game without a song is WAAAY boring... So I made some songs for MancalaDS.
Lotti didn't had much time (the creator of MancalaDS) so I decided to put it on my site untill he have
some time to put it in his own blog too.
Changelog MancalaDS 2.1:
* Added some songs and menu sound.



I made a little "preview" of the M3 DS Simply... :)
Check out on the left navigation menu. Click on "M3 Simply"



Yeeey I got my M3 DS Simply today!
Thanks to the M3 Team for this cutie! :)



Happy new year to everybody! :)



Site Launched!!

Still empty.. I know ._.